Dry Skin Brushing For Acne

Many experts are true believers in dry skin brushing. Results have been shown to improve circulation in the body and even the appearance of cellulite.

But just how does dry skin brushing help get rid of acne?

The idea is that increased circulation means increased blood and oxygen to your cells. This in turn helps the body detoxify itself more effectively. If you rid the body of excess toxins, you may reveal healthier skin.

Due to a modern diet which is often lacking in fiber and nutrients, many of us are constipated on a regular basis. If the body doesn’t rid itself of waste through its regular channels you get a build up toxins in the colon.

These toxins then enter the blood stream and go to the liver for detoxification. If your liver is overworked then your skin and overall health will be affected.

Dry skin brushing can help because it removes the top layer of the skin and also improves the circulation in the body. This helps aid in the removal of toxins from the body and organs.

Here’s how to effective dry brush the skin:

Remove all clothing and using a natural bristle brush gently start brushing from the feet upwards.

First do both legs, moving in gentle long strokes. Then move on to the arms. Then the back. Then finally the abdomen and chest area.

Use circular strokes and always brush upwards towards the chest area. It’s important to be gentle to avoid breaking the natural skin collagen.

For best results aim to dry skin brush at least once a day. Another option for increasing circulation to the face is to wet a muslin cloth in warm water and gently rub it over the face in a circular motion. This will help regenerate the skin cells and help circulate the blood flow.

Dry skin brushing has been shown to be provide many benefits for both the body and skin. It’s certainly worth a try and seeing what results you feel. Many users report increased energy, healthier skin and even weightloss.

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