Exercise Your Way to Clear Skin

We all know that exercise is great for our bodies and mind, but did you know that it’s also good for the skin? Plenty of exercise may be the key to clearing up your acne and revealing a healthy complexion.

Here are a few reasons why exercise is good for your skin:

Gets rid of toxins. When you exercise you rid your body of excess toxins. These toxins are not only harmful to your health but may be a contributor to your acne. A good workout can help relive the body of toxins and in turn reveal clearer, healthier skin.

Creates good circulation. Good circulation is important to good health. The more we move our bodies the better our blood circulates. Great circulation will mean increased blood to your cells and improved overall health and skin.

Gets rid of stress. Stress hormones can lead to acne flare ups. By relieving stress from our bodies we can create healthier skin. And the good effects don’t stop there, reducing stress can make a great difference to your overall health and mental health too.

Unclogs the pores. Pores can easily get clogged up with dust and sweat. By sweating more you’ll unclog your pores. This can lead to improved skin. Make sure you wash your face before and after exercising to get rid of excess sweat or particles that may clog the pores.

Increases blood and oxygen flow. Regular exercise will increase the blood and oxygen flow to your skin cells. This in turn will help your cells regenerate and will you that healthy post-exercise glow.

Another added benefit of regular exercise is that you’re more likely to drink plenty of water after a workout session. This will help get rid of further toxins and hydrate your body – both necessary to keep it working at its best.

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